Babylon one step closer.

Project Overview


The Aquis Resort just this morning put out another Aquis Project Report reporting on a couple of things. By and large it is but another press release and in no way does it have any independant information but some of the things they have said are outstanding nonetheless. Some of the numbers include their proposal for 7,500 hotel rooms and directly employing 3,500 people. Those numbers are staggering and if this project goes ahead (which i am unconvinced of) that will completely change the face of North Queensland. Good luck to them, I really hope it goes ahead… I just remember what happened to the people who built Sanctuary Cove; and this sounds far in excess of what was built there.

Great write up on new Sports VIP packages

Great write up on new Sports VIP packages

So my friend John has just opened not long ago a new company creating travel packages around the world to go to some of the worlds premier sports events. NBA games, the World Cup, F1 the tennis masters blah blah blah it actually sounds really good! I’ve actually seriously been looking for someone who can do stuff like this for a while. I never had a clue where to start when a group of people wanted to go to for example Melbourne to watch the Australian Open… now I know who to call. Have a look at their site (Chinese)

Coming back!

I am really happy to tell people I will be coming back to Australia and to Queensland and Cairns at the beginning of June. Helllooo dry season! If you have any ideas or know any companies looking for workers please let me know; or else I am sure I will find something when I arrive. Am looking forward to seeing all my friends again. Image