Illegal to have a relationship with Shops?

Todays article in pre-eminent English language blog thats has a puff piece about a terrible tour guide apparently yelling on film at his customers for not buying anything at shops.

The main takeaway i got from the article though was the line at the end of the story that agencies aren’t allowed by law to get commissions from shops in China. Is that actually true? And if it does exist in the law it is another example of China bureaucracy enacting a law that is it doesnt have a hope to enforce but that can can draconically (?) pull out whenever it suits…. or whenever mobile phone footage hits weibo. Chinese Tourism Offices would be far and away better suited to accepting this situation may be a win-win for both parties and isn’t breaking the spirit of other laws and making an effort to regulate it. Identifying some tour operators as shopping tours and clearly showing which shops may be operating on a commision basis clears any confusion to all parties involved. It also creates a new class of non-shopping tours that are able to distinguish themselves as a superior product thus raising the industry standard as a whole. Paying tour guides in something other than commission would probably help also.

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