Thats billion with a B.

Read T.A.s Chinese Tourism Press Release Here

Tourism Australia just wrote up another press release that got sent out this morning. Although light on information about how they got those figures,  one thing is certainly not light on; their wild guess projection for the Chinese tourism market (just for Australia) to top $13 billion a year by 2020. That’s saying, for anyone (like me) that thinks that 2020 is the distant future and we will all be in flying cars and have robot waiters by then, that money from Chinese tourism is going to almost triple what it is now within the next 5 years. This is clearly great news for anyone involved in Chinese Tourism and only means more opportunities and more work for everyone, but also seems likely some very optimistic people are involved with writing those press releases. I am as enthusiastic as the next person but saying those huge numbers are going to come from F.I.T.’s is going to be an extremely difficult task. If something close to those numbers actually happens, new resorts funded by Chinese V.C.’s such as the rumored ones opening  on the NSW north coast and at Yorkeys Knob in North Queensland appear very likely to go ahead- and would be able to turn a profit from dealing semi-exclusively with Chinese holiday-makers. Whilst I’m not sure that is the answer and am also unsure if those places would even be popular with FIT’s,  I would love to see something in-between… normal resorts that have useful Chinese signage, an authentic Chinese restaurant, a decent Chinese alcohol bar (even half decent would be fine) and always be within 60 seconds of a Chinese speaking staff member whose job was to help customers and fix problems.

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