Fairfax discovers ‘daigou’, actually reports it rather than trying to incite Xenophobia.

I have been approached more times than I can count on two hands, it’s a staple of Xin coming to Cairns on holiday, and now the SMH has must have realised that stories about it get clicks, because they have done 3 stories about it in the last two weeks…. its the practise of Chinese based in Australia being pestered to buy all sorts of assorted products to send back to people on the Mainland. While the best known one is for milk powder, really I have been asked for all kinds of shit; none of it particularly important. All sorts of vitamins, electronics, clothing (think about it… where do Australian clothes come from..?). I have a kind of laissez faire to most transactions like this, its not World War 2, can’t they just make/stock more? Isnt that what business’ want? Australian shops and business’ are clearly benefiting from the good reputation Australia has and its strong consumer protection laws.


If supermarkets are worried about a PR fallout from running out of product I suggest a solution, at least for the powdered milk scenario. Powdered milk is only available with a purchase of other items valuing over $80- including at least some perishables. It’s easy for someone with actual kids to spend that at a woolies or Coles, but would be a pain for a bus of Chinese Tourists.



With Chinese New Year coming up next week Woolworths is destined to be packed with people looking for “the good one”. If it really is as difficult they are making it seem to keep product in stock, why not make them buy other stuff as well?

I wanna Cruise too

Cool guy Christopher Beam recently wrote about his trip going from Shanghai to Japan on a western cruise liner full of Chinese tourists. Interesting read. I have thought for a long time, and Jeremy Goldkorn says as much in his interview with Christopher that cruises tend to tick a lot of the boxes for stereotypes about what Chinese travellers like, i.e. lots of food, gambling, an ability to tick off a bunch of different places on one trip, organised activities that don’t require much independence and tiered classes so everyone knows how rich everyone else is (sorry… those last few dont sound very flattering). Whilst neither the interview or the article come to the conclusion, I think there is huge potential for this to grow in the future. Maybe just in time for the Gold Coasts shiny new cruise terminal.